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  • Security
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  • Mobile is a cloud computing platform as a service system from, which is used to build applications hosted on their servers as a service.

When you choose Facturisk which is developed on, you get an application that is built on secure, efficient, reliable and scalable technology foundation.

Facturisk is built on the platform because it lets us focus our resources to create efficient applications that fit your business needs. Never will we talk about technology stacks jargon. All you and we need is an internet browser.


Designed for future is built for the cloud with the future of how internet positively affects business. Over 100,000 business already use it with over 2.5 million user globally.


Built for flexibility

Legacy proprietary products and technologies are difficult to adapt to changing business requirement. The cost, time and efforts required just to keep up is enourmous. Successful business not only need flexibility but also speed and nimbleness. platform is designed to provide flexibility and tailorability to cater to changing business requirements.

Security approach of platform is holistic. It is designed to protect data not only from unauthorised external access but also to protect data from incorrect internal access. Security is robust yet flexible because it is effected at multiple levels. At an infrastructure and network level the security standards are SysTrust SAS 70 Type II.


User access

User access can be restricted all the way down to the field level or opened up to the entire system and many levels in between.


User authentication.

Users are authenticated against username and password. Password policy defines password expiration, minimum password complexity requirements and lockout periods.


Single sign-on

There are two forms of user authentication available; Delegated Authentication and Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML). These two are usually used to implement single sign-on within a corporation.


Network-based security

Users are allowed access when they login from from trusted IP addresses but are challenged when they come from new and untrusted locations. The limitations imposed on IP addresses are used to help protect against phishing attacks.


Session security

Session timeouts can be implemented to log out users due to inactivity. has an average speed per transaction of around 0.25 seconds. Daily performance information is availabe on platform is designed with mobility in mind. Applications are rendered natively on mobile devices via a browser or an app. Native rendering means that the application screens look like they were designed for the device that its is being accessed from. Screens are not just shrunk to fit the screen size, they responsively adapt.

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